Innovate using the design strategies

Improvements to the sustainability of packaging require innovation. By using life cycle thinking to reimagine designs of packaging systems, reductions in impacts can be accomplished, functional benefits can be maintained or enhanced, and meaningful progress can be achieved.

The three design strategies are intended to facilitate design innovations that improve certain packaging attributes. To ensure that a holistic improvement has been made to the sustainability of a packaging system over its entire life cycle, it is important to follow these guidelines:

Use all the design strategies together

To avoid unintended trade-offs from one life cycle phase to another, use every design strategy as part of an overall optimization process.

Apply them to the entire packaging system

To avoid unintended trade-offs among packages in the packaging system, apply each design strategy to every package in the packaging system.

Maintain an understanding of the prioritized benefits and unwanted impacts

To avoid introducing unintended trade-offs from one impact category to another, as well as compromising the benefits of the packaging system, keep track of how different design modifications affect each benefit and impact of the packaging system.

Engage the entire team

Because different aspects of packaging systems are often managed by different decision-makers, it is important to identify roles of each member of the design team and engage them when exploring design changes. Specialists in R&D, procurement, marketing, and management may each have an important role in designing more sustainable packaging.

Design Strategies